We have heard it all before. “But the house looks like it’s in great shape, we don’t need an inspection” Here at Draper Home Team, we recommend that everyone get a home inspection. In fact, we will decline to write an offer for a buyer without including the buyer option to complete a home inspection. Home Inspectors look at a lot of things that could otherwise be overlooked. Here are some of those items.

Structural Many home inspection organizations, such as American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) have set standards on certain areas of the home that the home inspector looks at to determine the integrity of the essential internal and external structural components. Home inspectors are not structural engineers but can identify visual defects in these areas requiring immediate repairs and will recommend a structural engineer should they feel it is warranted.

Roof An inspector will go into the attic and look for signs of water intrusion. They will also give an estimate of the remaining roof life that is left.

Electrical Do all the outlets work? Are the ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) operational? Is there any reverse polarity? Is there any evidence of double tapping of breakers at the service panel? Is any wiring not properly encased? Electrical repairs can be costly, yet these issues can be easily recognized by a licensed inspector with the proper diagnostic equipment.

Plumbing Are there any leaks or annoying drips? Are there any pipes that are vibrating because they are not properly secured? Are there reverse hot and cold taps in bathrooms or kitchen? Are there any toilets not properly secured to the floor? What about cracks in the shower tub surrounds? Is the water pressure sufficient? Are there any slow draining sinks or tubs? Again, these costly repair issues can be easily diagnosed by a professional inspector.

HVAC No one wants to be left in the cold or without a way to cool off in the summer. Find out how much expected life the heating and air-conditioning system has left.

Built-in Appliances All appliances are tested, including running a dishwasher cycle, testing microwaves, oven temperatures and burners. Many inspectors will also perform a recall check in the major appliances.

Safety Hazards Home inspectors are trained to watch out for anything that could pose a potential safety hazard. Their goal is to educate you on any/all potential hazards so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

In the end, another small upfront cost can save you thousands of dollars down the road. The old adage is certainly true, when considering a home inspection, better safe than sorry. Draper Home Team is ready to provide every buyer or seller with a list of certified home inspectors that you can call on for your inspection. Ask your agent for their recommendations for home inspectors in the area of your new home. If they, like the Draper Home Team, will be present for the entire inspection so that they can get all the facts quickly, help identify key areas of concern and communicate directly with the inspector.